Learn to use one tool or every piece of equipment in our makerspace. From woodworking and welding to 3D printing and laser cutting – there’s something for everyone.


Join the makerspace to have access to tools and equipment anytime, day or night. Plus, members get discounts on classes and invitations to special events, too.


Many things are made at Triumph Workshop, but through a variety programs the most important thing created is a positive impact in the Dallas community.

Triumph Workshop provides the tools, knowledge, and connections to foster a community of creation, innovation, and success.


Triumph Financial and TBK Bank, SSB  established Triumph Workshop as a makerspace to serve the community through programs focusing on workforce development, education initiatives, and entrepreneur support.

The makerspace features a Metalshop, a Woodshop, an Innovation Lab, Artisan Areas, Collaboration Spaces, and a Coworking Loft. Trained instructors teach classes on a variety of tools and topics, and most are open to the public. For those who want to utilize the equipment outside of classes and programs, memberships are available that allow adults access to the makerspace anytime, day or night.

While the tools and technology are state-of-the-art, the heart behind it all is what matters most.





Forge The Future is a comprehensive workforce development program providing adults with training, credentials, and job opportunities that can lead to high demand, sustainable careers in the construction industry. Triumph Workshop offers this 3-week program quarterly each year for adults who find themselves in a time of transition. Participants include recent high school graduates, adults seeking a new career with more advancement opportunities, and people exiting the prison system looking for a fresh start. Forge The Future participants are as unique as the program itself, and with more than 50% of construction workers retiring over the next fifteen years, the need for skilled workers will be increasing for years to come.

K-12 Education Initiatives for young people are an important part of what happens at the makerspace. During the school year, field trips provide unique project based learning opportunities for students. Each hands-on group project is linked to a career path that helps expand what students think is possible for their futures. During school breaks, camps allow students the opportunity to learn skills they don’t typically learn inside a classroom. At least half of the campers are referred by local nonprofit partners and do not pay a fee to participate. K-12 Education Initiatives also include professional development sessions for teachers.

Many people who utilize the makerspace at Triumph Workshop are entrepreneurs. The state-of-the-art equipment and well organized tools are a dream workspace for people who want to be productive and thrive in a creative environment. In addition to the tangible things, the intangible resources at Triumph Workshop can be equally as valuable to people starting or growing a business. From tool instruction and supply advice, to mentorship and tips on business development, staff members and fellow entrepreneurs openly share information on a wide range of topics. NEW – Beginning in the fall of 2024, an Entrepreneur Support Series will be added to the calendar to formalize the support that’s already taking place.

The makerspace at Triumph Workshop includes a metalshop, a woodshop, an innovation lab, artisan areas, collaboration spaces, and a coworking loft. Trained instructors teach a variety of classes that are open to the public, and memberships are available to adults who want to utilize the equipment outside of scheduled classes and programs. Safety is the number one priority and the main reason the staff prides itself in keeping everything in good working order. Not only is the makerspace functional, but the industrial chic aesthetic is designed to foster a creative and comfortable environment for making.



2501 Burbank Street Dallas, Texas 75235


Triumph Workshop is located in Dallas near Love Field Airport at 2501 Burbank Street Dallas, Texas 75235

Members have access to the building and equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week using their unique access code.

Guests are welcome to tour Triumph Workshop during scheduled tours, which are typically offered Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. Tours are free, are open to all ages, and last about 30 minutes. See tours webpage for details and to RSVP.